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April/May Updates - CDC has increased capacities & decreased distance to 3 ft.  So that all of my students and teachers can practice safely & comfortably, I am keeping capacity at 8 people.  You can still maintain 6 ft apart with 8 people and without a mask, so you aren't hurting your health during your practice.

January Updates -We have added 3 new classes: Dance Yoga, & Guilt Free Flow.  Our evening classes have been filling up quickly and space is limited.  Please register ahead of time to ensure your spot is reserved.  We are currently not accepting walk-ins. Schedule at the bottom of this page .

We still have and will continue to offer virtual and in-studio classes to the community.  We have also started booking workshops at the studio if you are interested in hosting one at the studio.  Please don't hesitate to reach out.  Below is how to register for virtual classes. 


Please be aware, we do practice social distancing and because of this, once we are on our  mats, we take off our masks to practice yoga safely.  (wearing a mask during physical activities impedes on your health and can cause you to pass out).  You are required to wear your mask once you head back into the boutique.

Boutique Schedule:

Sunday 11:30-2:30pm

Mon 4-7pm

Tues- Fri 3:00-8:00pm

Saturday 11:00 - 2:30pm


If you should need additional information, you can email me directly at

How to Register for Virtual Classes:

  • Go to schedule located at the bottom of this page or your Mindbody app.

  • Find the class your want to attend.  Register for the class you want to attend no less than 2 hours prior to class start.  You will receive link to Zoom Meeting within an hour prior to class via email. (Please be sure your email is correct on your account)

  • If the class is a 6am class, then we ask that you register no later than 8pm the night before.

  • If you cannot attend a the time of the class, remain registered, you will will receive a copy of the class later on in the day once Zoom makes it available.  This will allow for you to take your class at your leisure, any day and any time you choose. 


Betsy and TWE Teachers thank you for your continued support, and patience during this time.  We are truly grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful community supporting women in business!  Namaste & Many Blessings!

What to expect, due to Covid -19

Our Mission

Trinity Wellness Emporium opened in February of 2018, to support and foster the sense of mindfulness and peace in the surrounding community.  We use intuitive yoga to help working parents manage nagging pains and tame anxiety so they can feel peaceful and at ease in the face of stress.  Trinity Wellness Emporium  provides a healing and friendly environment through yoga, meditation, crystals for energy healing and much more.

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