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We have made a few aesthetic changes to the studio: updated our front desk, did some painting and furniture.  We are also updating our software.  As of Oct 28th, we will no longer be on Mindbody.  We are now going to have our own branded app.  this means you go to the Play Store for either Android or Apple & find "Trinity Wellness Emporium".  This also means that the schedule located throughout this website will go directly to the new app as well.  It may look a little different but is just as easy to work with if not easier.  This is something that I made sure of when "shopping" for something my new software.  Not only does the price have to be right but it has to be easy to use.  Please register for our emails for more information or you can contact us directly.

Boutique Fall Schedule:

Monday 4pm-8pm

Tuesday 11am-4pm

Wednesday 4pm-8pm

Thursday 4pm - 8pm

Friday – 4pm-7pm

Saturday 11:30am-3pm

Sunday 11:30am-3pm

You can find the latest schedule below, which resides on the new system.  Parents, please be aware we will be introducing "Guardian & me" classes are on the schedule again for November, Yoga for Teens, and Tween Yoga in December. 


If you are a yoga teacher (kids or adults) and would like to work here at Trinity.  I highly recommend coming to the studio, take some classes, get to know the students, the teachers, and me (Betsy),the owner, to see if it's a good fit for you, and then share your interest.  I am no longer hiring on a demo alone, I want to get to know you, your personality, your habits, & your energy.  If the fit is good then we will discuss ideas about the types of classes and other such details. 

If you should need additional information, you can email me directly at


Betsy and TWE Teachers thank you for your continued support!  We are truly grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful community, allowing us to do what we love and supporting women in business!  Namaste & Many Blessings!


Nov 2021 Updates

Our Mission

Trinity Wellness Emporium opened in February of 2018, to support and foster the sense of mindfulness and peace in the surrounding community.  We use intuitive yoga to help working parents manage nagging pains and tame anxiety so they can feel peaceful and at ease in the face of stress.  Trinity Wellness Emporium  provides a healing and friendly environment through yoga, meditation, crystals for energy healing and much more.

Our Latest Yoga Class Schedule