When I received my certification to teach yoga, my daughter had asked me to teach children as well.  So I had already knew that kids yoga was a TOTALLY different ball game from a regular adult class and decided to get certified to become knowledgeable enough to teach what I loved to children.  My teaching, my "adulting" and parenthood has never been the same since.  Teaching yoga to children has totally changed the way I teach adults, how I interact with my own children & my students and it has helped me appreciate more out of life.  I found children look at things with new eyes, curiosity and without fear.  I have learned a great deal teaching children, they reminded me what it was like to look at things with that curiosity and new eyes.  I incorporate games, crafts, dancing, stretching, meditation and yoga all together.  This helps children with social skills, coping skills, hand eye coordination, logic, mindfulness, balance, strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and patience.  Above all, Kids Yoga is a lot of fun!

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